Who is Fluency MC?

Fluency MC is Jason R Levine. You can find out more about him here.

What does MC mean?

MC stands for “Master of Ceremonies”. It has two meanings: 1) The person in charge of a large party or event 2) A rapper

What is “Stick, Stuck, Stuck”?

“Stick, Stuck, Stuck” is Fluency MC’s most famous song and video. You can watch it here.

When you do repeated practice in English, it sticks in your head! The English Workout Method is based on this principle; but it goes much further to help you achieve fluency in English.

What is the Weekly English Workout?

The Weekly English Workout is an online program to improve your speaking and listening skills.

If you know basic grammar rules and vocabulary but have difficulty speaking, this course is for you!

How is the Weekly English Workout different from other English courses?

It is different because it is the only online course to provide the fun, intensive practice you need to become fluent.

Do I have lifetime access to the course materials?

Yes. You will always have free access to the videos, audio files, and pdf files that come with the course. In addition, when we make upgrades to the course, you will have access to the improved materials.

Do I have lifetime access to the live classes and the Facebook group?

Yes. Even after you receive all of the course materials, you will always be able to join Jason’s weekly live classes for free. You will also remain a member of the Weekly English Workout Facebook group.

What English level do I need for the Weekly English Workout?

The program is designed for intermediate level students. It is also suited for low advanced students with limited speaking and listening experience.

Is the Weekly English Workout for children or for adults?

It is for adults and adolescents over the age of 13.

What do students think of the Weekly English Workout?

They love it! 95% of the students who have done the program say they would recommend it to other students.

I do not have a credit card or a PayPal account. Can I still purchase the program?

Yes, you can. We will help you find the best payment option. Please just contact us using this form.

What do teachers think of the Weekly English Workout?

They love it, too! They see that it’s a valuable way for students to practice English out of class. As a result, teachers can accomplish more in their classrooms. Find out what teachers say about Jason and his work here.

I’m a teacher and I’d like my students to buy the Weekly English Workout. What do I do now?

If you would like to purchase a set of student licenses, please contact us.

I would like my school to purchase the Weekly English Workout for our students. What do I do now?

Schools can order sets of licenses for any number of students. For more information, please contact us.