Making English Practice Fun!


My name is Jason R. Levine. Most people know me as Fluency MC for the songs and videos I make for English learners.

Stick, Stuck, Stuck”, which I wrote to practice irregular verbs, has been viewed nearly 4,000,000 times on YouTube and more than 20 million times in other social media.

Students (adolescents and adults): I want to help you get English speaking practice!

With fun and effective practice...

  • your grammar and pronunciation will be more accurate
  • you'll remember vocabulary more easily
  • you'll be more confident and motivated to use English
  • you'll speak English more fluently in the classroom, at your job, and in social situations

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"Jason's use of rhythm and rhyme makes it wonderfully easy to remember vocabulary and grammar."

Rachel Rachel's English


I want to help you provide your students with fun and effective English practice in class. And I want to help you inspire your students to get this practice out of class.

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"Jason has a tremendous ability to engage learners, which is especially important in a virtual classroom. He makes learning meaningful and memorable."

Jennifer Jennifer ESL

"Jason Levine is one of the most energetic and creative teachers in the field. Students love him because he's passionate, fun, and real. Educators love him because they realize it's okay to love what you do and have fun learning and teaching."

Shelly Sanchez-Terrell
Shelly Sanchez-Terrell Elearning Specialist

What's the secret to speaking fluent and accurate English ? 

Repetitive practice. You need to hear, read, say, and write vocabulary and grammar structures many times before you can use them with confidence.

The problem: Most learners don't get enough natural exposure or practice with English. And it's boring and unnatural to repeat vocabulary words, sentences, or dialogs from textbooks.

Now for the good news!

When English practice is fun and interactive, we're motivated to do it. When we enjoy songs, videos, games, or conversations, we naturally want to repeat them. 

And what we learn with pleasure, we never forget.

Big thanks to all of you who support and follow my work on YouTube, Facebook and other social media sites. Please contact me if you have a question or comment. I'd love to hear from you!

 The key to speaking English is to lower your stress.
Having fun when you learn is when you learn the best.

It's all about the 3Rs: Relax, Repeat, Remember.

Peace and respect,

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Jason R. Levine

Fluency MC