Check out what these great teachers and learning experts think of Jason and his work.


Eric KaneLanguage learning is like sport…you only get better with practice. Jase makes this both fun and effective with The Weekly English Workout!

Eric Kane, Japan
Founder and owner of ELF Learning


Nina HanakovaJason is a one-of-a-kind teacher. The one you´ll remember till the rest of your life. He changes the paradigm, he makes you jump and do things; he is so upbeat you would feel ashamed of yourself if you didn´t go and work harder-with a big smile, like him. It´s infectious. His genuine care for others is beyond this world. I couldn´t recommend him enough. I´ve been hooked on his stuff for years now and I can´t get enough.

Nina Hanakova, Czech Republic
Founder and owner of NinaEnglish – English Without Books


Christina Rebuffet-BroadusJason is one of the most creative and innovative forces in teaching that I’ve seen. His Fluency MC videos are like nothing else that exists in ELT today. They’re fun, memorable, and educational–everything that a good lesson should be.

Christina Rebuffet-Broadus, France
Business English coach and trainer


Gabby WallaceI admire Fluency MC so much because he gives English learners a unique, fun, effective way to learn.

Gabby Wallace, USA
Founder and owner of Go Natural English


Barbara-Hoskins-SakamotoJason is one of those rare individuals who is able to create content that students enjoy so much they often don’t realize how much language they are learning. In the classroom or online, Jason’s teaching approach boosts students’ confidence because they’re practicing English they can immediately use.

Barbara Hoskins Sakamoto, Japan
President at Teaching Village and coauthor of the Let’s Go course book series


Sean BanvilleJason’s dynamic approach to teaching motivates and engages both students and teachers. He has an unbeatable formula for expediting learning and bringing success in the classroom (in schools or online). We all have a lot to learn from him.

Sean Banville, United Kingdom
Creator of Breaking News English


vicky-lorasJason is an amazing educator, presenter and performer – his energy and great ideas are inspirational! I am always very happy to learn from him.

Vicky Loras, Switzerland
Founder and owner of the Loras EnglishHi Network


Rodrigo P. HonoratoI highly recommend Fluency MC for he is a dedicated professional. As a teacher of English in Brazil, I have used his videos and my students love them; but the best thing ever is that they have learned the vocabulary.

Rodrigo P. Honorato, Brazil
Co-owner and EFL Teacher at Achieve Languages


Can you learn English fast and also have fun? You betcha! Jason’s got the rhythms and rhymes that make English stick in learners’ memories.

Vicki Hollett, United Kingdom
Teacher, author, teacher trainer, video producer at Simple English Videos


Larissa AlbanoJason is a star teacher. His enthusiasm is contagious! His teaching style lets learners at any age learn in a relaxed and fun environment.

Larissa Albano, Italy
Founder and owner of Larissa’s Languages


Kerstin Hammes CableJason Levine has a fantastic approach to teaching that I have not seen anywhere else. No matter where in the world you are, Jase’s awesome English lessons will reach your heart. He has the skills of a teaching expert, but the charm of a rock star. I can’t recommend Jase highly enough!

Kerstin Hammes Cable, United Kingdom
Founder and owner of Fluent Language Tuition


Joan Kang ShinJason Levine (aka Fluency MC) packs his musical talent and knack for rhyme and rhythm into great materials that young learners of English enjoy-the young AND young at heart!

Joan Kang Shin, PhD, USA
Professor of Education, University of Maryland Baltimore County
Coauthor of Teaching Young Learners and Series Editor of Our World


Rob HowardJason is one of the most dynamic teachers ever. His ideas for utilizing rhythm in his methodology are brilliant and innovative. The Weekly English Workout is a masterful success of a course.

Rob Howard, Brazil
Owner of Online Language Center


Chaouki M’kaddemJason is an amazing professional teacher. The way he gives his lessons is unique. Jason’s learners never feel distracted while learning from him. His classes are attractive, engaging, and enjoyable. He will remain one of my favorite sources of inspiration.

Chaouki M’kaddem, Tunisia
Senior Teacher of English, Tunisian Ministry of Education


Sylvia-GuinanJason R Levine stands out as an innovator in English language teaching. His creativity, unique teaching approach, high energy and integrity make learning fun, brain-friendly and effective.

Sylvia Guinan, Greece
English language teacher, trainer, technology facilitator, and community developer


Philip-Pound“Jason is unparalleled as an educator. He is able to blend serious insight and solid study into a form that’s exciting, engaging and accessible. We need more teachers like Jason.”

Phillip Pound, Japan
Founder and owner of EFL Magazine


Pablo Ponce DeLeonWith his unique vocabulary-based approach and catchy musical style, Jason naturally motivates students, getting them to speak real English faster and better.

Pablo Ponce DeLeon, Argentina
English teacher, story consultant, and creator of Story Paul English


Turgay EverenJason R Levine is a revolutionary teacher who challenges the monotony of conventional teaching through his unique and innovative approach combining education with entertainment. As Fluency MC he inspires millions of English learners and teachers, creating a relaxed environment for learning. Learning and teaching is nothing but fun with Fluency MC!

Turgay Everen, Turkey
English lecturer, editor, author, poet, and translator


Shanthi Cumaraswamy StreatI simply love the way Jason inspires learners to embrace the English Language. His workshops, videos and teaching style are infectious and tremendously effective. You can’t help learning when you’re having such fun. And that’s what learning should be all about – FUN!

Shanthi Cumaraswamy Streat, United Kingdom
English language trainer and blogger


Ruthie IidaI can promise you that Jase will not only put out 100% as a teacher, but will also motivate you to move forward in your language journey and make real progress.

Ruthie Iida, Japan
Owner and head teacher at Rainbow Phonics Children’s English School


Evelyn IzquierdoJason Levine is an outstanding teacher. With a unique, enthusiastic and contagious style, he puts all language learners in the mood to enjoy their classes in a very creative and dynamic way. I highly recommend all teachers and learners to follow his fantastic work.

Evelyn Izquierdo, Venezuela
English professor and ICT consultant


Jack AskewLessons with Fluency MC are engaging, fun, and will give you the English you need to speak with confidence!

Jack Askew, USA
Founder and owner of JDA English


Justin MurrayJase’s innovative teaching methods have been a big inspiration for us. His enthusiasm for language motivates all students and teachers.

Justin Murray and Chad Fishwick, Brazil
Founders and owners of RealLife English


Svetlana KandybovichJason is an outstanding teacher, whose enthusiasm, love of music, energy, dedication and creative approach inspire students to thrive and enjoy every lesson. Learning English has never been so much fun!

Svetlana Kandybovich, Belarus
Teacher, blogger, and consultant, British Council


David DeubelbeissWhenever I think of music and teaching, the first thing that always springs to mind is Fluency MC/Jason R. Levine.

David Deubelbeiss, Canada
Director of Education, EnglishCentral


Nina SeptinaIt was totally amazing to be in his class, to feel the Super High-Energy and to be inspired by his brilliant work. The knowledge he shares is an eye-opener for me and for all other teachers. I really feel proud, happy and honored to know him and to work with him for Jase is truly a GREAT TEACHER and LEADER.

Nina Septina, Indonesia
Teacher, EF, English First


mayeuxeslJase is one of the most prolific EFL teachers on the web and on the ground! His content is engaging and will make your head bounce!

Stephen Mayeux, South Korea
Founder of ESLHip Hop


Helen WaldronNobody turns dull learning into living action (and lasting memory) like Jase!

Helen Waldron, Germany
English language coach and consultant



jackwestAs an ESL content creator and online English teacher Jason Levine is inspiring because he uses music and rhyme to enthuse, entertain and (the important bit), ultimately embed language in memory.

Jason West, United Kingdom
Founder and owner of Free Range English


Faten RomdhaniDo not miss Jason’s outstanding sessions. He will make you relish unforgettable moments of learning English with a lively & lovely way… His exceptional style and light songs will help you learn more and more than this love learning English. Enjoy learning with Jason to the utmost!

Faten Romdhani, Tunisia
Senior Teacher of English, Tunisian Ministry of Education


Valentina HolubevaJason is unique in his ability to make difficult stuff look easy. While other teachers complain about having “the wrong students”, he becomes the right teacher for today’s students and wins their hearts and minds. His beats and images produce a hypnotizing effect and his lines get into the students’ minds. 

Valentina Holubeva, Belarus
Founder of ICAN Club


page_43Jason is a wonderful, warm, and friendly teacher. He can and will help you improve your English and in a fun and very practical way.

Steven Herder, Japan
Founding Director of iTDi (International Teacher Development Institute)


rosebardAlthough I was never very musical, learning about rhythm and rhyme with Jase raised my awareness of other aspects of pronunciation and how we can explore them.

Rose Bard, Brazil
English teacher at SATC – Educação


Joanna MalefakiI really enjoy watching videos of how Jason teaches English because it’s obvious that everyone is having fun! Isn’t that what learning and teaching is about? He rocks!

Joanna Malefaki, Greece
Business English trainer at Wefit Solutions


mauFluency MC is a professional who combines edutainment with good, traditional teacher skills to bring a fresh approach for these new times we live in.

Mau Buchler, Brazil
Founder and owner of Tripppin English


Jason is an experienced and charismatic teacher who specializes in developing brain-friendly material. I use his songs and games to engage my students (mostly adults) to help them learn vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation in a fun way. He has my professional respect and personal gratitude.”

María Inés Brumana Espinosa, Argentina
English professor and creator of ELT Goes to the Movies