Get motivated to speak English
with fun, effective practice!

Fluency MC's English Workout method builds the pronunciation, vocabulary, and confidence you need to become fluent

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The Weekly English Workout is perfect for

  • Intermediate English learners who need to improve speaking and listening skills
  • Professionals who need English for their jobs
  • Students preparing for exams
  • Non-native English teachers who are not fluent speakers
  • People planning to travel or live in English-speaking countries
  • Learners looking for an experienced teacher to motivate them to practice

I think The Weekly English Workout has had a big impact on my way to learn English. Since I started to follow the 3Rs, you know, Relax, Repeat, Remember, I feel more confident and I want to use this language as often as I can.

Angie, High-intermediate student, Poland

Welcome to the best English course ever!

Hugo, High-intermediate student and non-native English-speaking teacher, Argentina

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Dollars will be converted into your local currency.
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Dear English student,

Are you struggling to improve your speaking skills? You are not alone. There are thousands of students around the world just like you.

You understand a lot of what you read but can only follow basic conversations.

You don't feel comfortable when you speak. And you're still making the same mistakes.

You have tried many different things to improve, including watching movies, chatting with other learners, and using online materials.

But it's not working.

I know why.

First of all, let me introduce myself. My name is Jason R. Levine, also known as Fluency MC. I am an English teacher and teacher trainer. My specialty is helping students of all ages and cultures practice English.

I currently work with many prestigious language institutions, including the U.S. Department of State, Gallery Languages, The International Teacher Development Institute, and Oxford University Press.

I also have a popular YouTube channel, with over 7 million views.

Minoo Short,

Jason is one of the most creative, enthusiastic and dedicated English language teachers I have worked with. This course reflects his great skills as a teacher and his amazing sense of fun. Learning with Jase is a real pleasure for students of all ages.

Minoo Short, Anglo Link

I feel blessed to work with so many students and teachers all over the world. We enjoy working together because I make English practice fun and easy when it is usually boring and hard.

But I’m also frustrated. I’m frustrated because so much English language teaching is based on a myth.

The myth is that you can become fluent in English by learning in the classroom or by studying alone. They tell you it’s hard at first, but then it gets easier. And soon you will be able to use English like a native speaker.

But this is not true. It does not get easier-even for many learners who live in English-speaking countries.

Let me explain. It’s actually very simple.

You see, there are 3 steps to becoming fluent in English.

The Steps To Fluency

  • 1

    Step 1 - Learning about the language

    Example: Understanding a grammar structure or a set of vocabulary words

  • 2

    Step 2 - Practicing the language

    Example: Listening and speaking with the grammar structure or vocabulary words many times to remember them and improve your pronunciation

  • 3

    Step 3 - Using the language

    Example: Understanding the vocabulary words when you hear them in a movie or using the grammar structure automatically in a conversation

The main reason you are not fluent is that you are not getting enough practice. You are gaining knowledge of English. But this does not mean you are ready to use it.

So if practice is so important, why aren’t more people doing it?

The answer is simple. Practice is usually boring. You don't feel motivated to do it. And it’s hard to do alone.

Furthermore, it's difficult to know if you are making progress. If youre bored and you dont know where you are going, then you soon give up.

No one has found a way to genuinely solve this practice problem online. Until now.

I have been a specialist in this area of English language learning for 15 years and, after many months of development, I’m proud to introduce my new English practice program, the Weekly English Workout.


The Weekly English Workout program is fast, easy, and convenient. You interact with people in different parts of the world and learn in a fun way.

Bruna, Intermediate Student, Brazil

I call it the Weekly English Workout because 1) I help you plan your weekly practice schedule and 2) the program includes my weekly live practice classes.

The Weekly English Workout offers something completely new: a way to get the right kind of speaking and listening practice out of class, with me as your teacher.

To create the Weekly English Workout I needed to wait for the right technology. My method requires a special mix of video, audio, practice exercises, live classes, and communicating in social media. All of this is finally possible online.

In the Weekly English Workout, we do fun, intensive practice with the most common phrases and sentences from everyday English. As a result, it’s easier to speak in class, at your job, and in social situations. In this program, you will develop a foundation of vocabulary and grammar that you can use with high fluency, high accuracy, and high confidence.

Each week we practice with different topics. You may be familiar with these topics from studying English. But if you're like most students, you don't feel confident using them in everyday conversations. These include Ways of saying hello and goodbye, Asking How are you?, Introducing yourself, Introducing others, Exchanging personal information, Making requests, Asking for information, Doing favors, and Asking for advice.

In the Video Workouts, I introduce phrases and sentences that go with the topics. You watch and listen to conversations that include this language in action.

After we watch the conversations, we “work out”: We practice the language together in a very special way.

Sometimes you listen and repeat after me. Sometimes we practice with a chant (a short song based on rhythm and rhyme). This helps improve pronunciation, listening skills, and makes it easier to remember grammar and vocabulary.

In addition to the Video Workouts, you do speaking and listening exercises with the materials on audio files. You can do this on my website or download the files to your computer.

You can also interact with me and other Workout students in our Facebook Group. In this private group, you can upload your speaking practice for my evaluation.

And every week you can attend my live online class. In these classes, you do live speaking practice speaking with me and the other students in the program.


I really loved learning English with Jason in the Weekly English Workout. English is easy and fun with him. It was a great experience!

Mariella, Intermediate Student, Italy

You’ll speak English
more fluently in just one month!

I guarantee that after the first 4 weeks in my program, you will notice the following 5 things.

  • 1

    It will be easier to understand conversations.

  • 2

    It will be easier for people to understand you when you speak.

  • 3

    It will be easier for you to remember vocabulary and grammar.

  • 4

    You will feel more confident using English.

  • 5

    You will feel more motivated to continue learning English.

I have helped thousands of English learners like you around the world through my YouTube videos but I could never coach them directly to give them the practice they needed. Now I can.

I hope I will have the chance to be your teacher!

Peace and respect,

sig sall




Jason R. Levine

P.S. If you have any questions about the program, please contact me anytime. It will be a pleasure to chat with you.

When you buy this program,
you receive LIFETIME ACCESS to

16 exclusive Video Workouts

Each Video Workout contains conversations between native speakers of English. First, you watch the conversations. Next, I explain things about vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation. Then we practice the English together!

More than 100 chants and exercises with PDF scripts

In addition to the Video Workouts, you receive exercises with chants and conversations on audio files. These exercises build your speaking and listening skills and get the vocabulary and grammar to stick in your head.

Membership in our private Facebook group

In this group, I post additional practice materials for you. And you can chat with me and other students about different topics. When you post questions, I answer right away. You can also record your speaking practice and post it for my evaluation.

Weekly live practice classes

In these classes, we do live speaking practice with movie clips, music videos, conversation guests, and more. You have the opportunity to practice speaking with me and other students in the program.

Personal needs assessment

As soon as you join the program, I schedule a Skype conversation with you to assess your needs and help you plan your practice schedule.


In the Weekly English Workout, Jase taught me important points to learn English through videos and I could practice those with fun. It is a real American program to teach you English. The speed of conversation and samples are natural. If you want to learn natural English, it’s great material for you. It is a great experience!

Kumiko, High Intermediate Student, Japan

The Weekly English Workout is REALLY different

Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconWhy is it called the Weekly English Workout?

    I call it the Weekly English Workout because 1) I help you plan your weekly practice schedule and 2) the program includes my weekly live practice classes.

  • q-iconHow long is the program?

    You receive Vdeo Workouts for 4 weeks. But you can do them whenever you want. I will help you plan your personal weekly schedule to fit your needs.

  • q-iconWhat English level do I need for the program?

    The program is designed for intermediate level and above. It is aimed at students with low confidence and low speaking fluency.

  • q-iconIs the program for children or for adults?

    The Weekly English Workout is designed for adults and adolescents.

  • q-iconWill it really work for me?

    I am confident that my program is the solution to your speaking practice needs. But if you are not completely satisfied, I will return your money (see my 60-day guarantee below).

  • q-iconDo I have to pay every month?

    No! You only pay once. This is NOT a monthly membership program.

Choose how you want to pay

Dollars will be converted into your local currency.
Sales tax may be added, depending on your country.

Dollars will be converted into your local currency.
Sales tax may be added, depending on your country.

The program is 100% guaranteed


If after 60 days of the program your English fluency has not improved, then I will reimburse 100% of your money without any questions. This is my guarantee to you! Just send me an email and I’ll refund your money directly.

Jason R Levine (Fluency MC)

Join me and students from around the world in the Weekly English Workout! As your teacher and coach, I will always be there to help you speak better English.

Jason R Levine (Fluency MC)

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