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Jason R Levine

Try my free sample of the Weekly English Workout and together we’ll practice speaking English. Topics include: Introducing yourself, Asking “How are you?” and Asking for favors. You’ll see for yourself the power of this fun program!

Jason R Levine Fluency MC

What people are saying

Darja, Intermediate Student, Czech Republic

The Weekly English Workout is a great program for people who want to speak more comfortably with fluency. Jase really knows how to explain and practice with fun and rhythm.

Darja, Intermediate Student, Czech Republic
Jennifer of Jennifer ESL

Jason has a tremendous ability to engage learners, which is especially important in a virtual classroom. He makes learning meaningful and memorable.

Jennifer of Jennifer ESL, (54 million views on Youtube)
Tetsuya, high intermediate student

If you are eager to learn English, especially speaking and listening skills, the Weekly English Workout will help you because of the unforgettable rhythm, repetition, and vocabulary.

Tetsuya, high intermediate student, Japan

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